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Why can't I get a Magic Link text message on my mobile phone?

When requesting a "Magic Link" to log in using the text message option on your mobile phone, you normally receive a text with a temporary link that takes you to your dashboard.

However, in some instances you may find you are not receiving a Magic Link — or any text alerts —  from UpTogether. This may be due to UpTogether text messages being blocked on your mobile phone.

There are two ways Magic Link text messages could be blocked:

  • The user has opted out of messages sent from UpTogether. This is often done when a text saying "STOP" or a similar phrase has been sent in response to a message.
  • The phone number UpTogether uses to send Magic Links has been blocked on the mobile phone. In this case, the user would need to check their phone's settings to see if the number (205) 880-6348 has been blocked. Please note: This number is automated and is not monitored for text messages or phone calls.

To unblock text messages from UpTogether:

  • Make sure the UpTogether phone number is not blocked on your phone; if it is, choose the option to unblock it.
  • Contact the UpTogether Support Center by submitting a message or speaking to a Support Team Member on the chat help line.
  • Confirm your phone number.
  • Once the number is confirmed by a Support Team Member, it will be reactivated and your phone will be able to receive text messages from UpTogether again.
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