When and why to relink your financial accounts

Ensuring that your bank accounts remained linked to the UpTogether's Financial app is very important.

Here's how you can check to see if your account is linked:

Verify that your accounts are still linked by visiting the 'My Linked Bank Accounts' tab in the Financials section on UpTogether. We recommend doing this monthly or whenever you access your UpTogether account. If your account has become unlinked, click on the red box below your account that reads 'CLICK TO UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT'. This will bring you to Plaid where you'll need to relink your account to UpTogether. 




Reasons to check if your account is linked:

  • If you want to verify that your account is linked to ensure that you are eligible for offers to be sent to you
  • If you have an offer, but cannot accept it, you should check your linked financials.
  • If you have already accepted offer and a payment ever failed, you should check your financials, relink your account if necessary, and then the payment will automatically retry the next day.
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