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Can I create multiple accounts?

While it is technically possible to create more than one member account, it is not recommended. It will not be useful to you, and only has the potential to cause more confusion.

It is important to note that only the account you created when you first applied will be able to receive notifications, or be connected to any funds you may be awarded. This will be your account and log-in for as long as you are an UpTogether member.

This primary account will always be accessed using the phone number or email address you first used. Using any other number or email address will create a new member account by default, but that account will not be connected to your actual, live account. In other words, any secondary account will not allow you to see notifications, receive offers, or check any current balance you may have.

For example: 

  • Let's say a member logged in using their phone number when they first submitted an application.
  • Later, the application is approved but the phone originally used to apply has been disconnected or lost.
  • The member now cannot get to their account because they don't have access to the phone number they normally use to log in.
  • Using a different phone number (or email address), the member creates a second account. However, the member still won't be able to see any account information because our system only recognizes the original log-in; the new account is a dead-end.

If you have any problems accessing your account, please contact an UpTogether Support Agent by submitting a question or on our live chat line. You can also speak to an agent on the phone support line.

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