Why don't I receive text messages from UpTogether?

UpTogether reaches out to its members through either email and text messages, depending on what form of communication you chose when joining UpTogether.

If you normally receive text messages from UpTogether, you may sometimes notice you're no longer getting texts from us. This could be for a variety of reasons, many of which can be fixed fairly easily from the Settings menu on your cellular phone. Some of these include:

  • Blocked Number: Sometimes the UpTogether number is accidentally blocked; check to make sure your phone is set up to accept text messages from us.
  • Clear cache and cookies: These bits of information can sometimes bog down your phone and stop some functions from working. Clear the cache and cookies, and then reboot your phone.
  • Update: Your text messaging app, and in some cases your phone's operating system, may need to be updated. Check with your Google or Apple app store to see if your app needs to be updated. If your phone's operating system is due to be updated, follow the operating instructions for updating your phone as necessary.

In some cases, problems with receiving text messages may be due to a problem that's specific to the type of phone you own. We recommend referring to the support pages for Android and Apple systems, which are linked below:

If you are unsure which operating system your phone uses, remember that only iPhones use the Apple OS, while most other phones use the Android system

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