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Why do I have to share my bank accounts twice?


There are two places on UpTogether where we ask members to share their bank account information: 1)the dashboard and 2)the Financials section. Both serve different purposes. 



Adding your bank account information to your dashboard allows you to receive your UpTogether offer via direct deposit. If you do not have a bank account, or simply prefer not to have a direct deposit, you can choose to receive your cash offer via a physical or virtual prepaid card. Click here to learn more.


Financials page

Adding your bank account information to the Financials section of UpTogether is not connected to receiving a direct deposit. It’s connected to UpTogether’s goal of shattering stereotypes about people with low incomes and how they spend their money. 


Some people believe when you invest money in people who earn low incomes that they’ll spend the money on “frivolous” things and make “bad” choices. When you link your bank and other accounts to UpTogether’s Financials section, you share your transaction-level data to help prove the stereotypes wrong and provide evidence to policymakers for why they should invest in under-resourced communities and the people who live there.


Transaction-level data means we will be able to see where you spent your money, but we will not know what you purchased. For example, we would see that you spent $76.87 at a grocery store, but we won’t know what you bought. This information we have access to is completely transparent and you will be able to see that information, too. (See screenshot below for an example, and click here to learn how to view this information.)




We never share your individual data with advertisers or other for-profit companies looking to sell or make money off of your information. We may, however, share your financial data with academic institutions, researchers, or our funding partners, but your data will be combined with that of other UpTogether members and they will not receive any information that identifies you. 


Adding your bank accounts to the Financials section is not mandatory, however, some cash offers require it, so doing so will make you eligible for more UpTogether funds.

Click here to see how to add your accounts to the Financials section.

Protecting your information

We recognize that this information is extremely sensitive and understand why you may be hesitant to share it. Please know that we do not have access to or store your login credentials and we take every precaution to keep your information safe and secure, including using secured databases, encrypting information and ongoing security audits.

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