My Shared Financial Accounts

Why do you ask me to share my financial accounts twice?

We ask our members to share or connect their financial accounts with Uptogether for two reasons that serve different purposes. Both are optional.

  • To send you money via direct deposit

Direct deposit is one of the fastest ways to get your UpTogether funds. Just go to the Payout Methods page and add your account information. If you do not have a bank account, or simply prefer not to have a direct deposit, you can choose to receive your cash offer via a physical or virtual UpTogether card.

  • To help change the narrative and invest in more families

People often ask us why we invest in families, like yours, and trust that you know best how to use the money. Some believe you will waste the money and make “bad” decisions. When you share your financial accounts with us, you provide transaction-level information that not only helps prove that stereotype wrong but also helps us raise money to invest in more families.    

Transaction-level data means we will be able to see where you spent your money, but we will not know what you purchased. For example, we would see that you spent $76.87 at a grocery store, but we won’t know what you bought. This information we have access to is completely transparent and you will be able to see that information, too. (See screenshot below for an example and click here to learn how to view this information.)


Sharing your account(s) with UpTogether gives UpTogether access to the following information related to your account transactions:

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Location (for specific offline transactions)
  • Merchant name
  • Category (travel, shop, deposit, withdrawal, etc.)

It also gives UpTogether access to the following information related to each shared account:

  • Available balance
  • Current balance
  • Account type (savings, checking, loan, etc)

We NEVER share any of your data with advertisers or other for-profit companies looking to make money off of your information or sell you products. We also protect any identifiable information to make sure you remain anonymous. 

Click here to see how to add your accounts to the Financials section.

Protecting your information

We recognize that this information is extremely sensitive and understand why you may be hesitant to share it. Please know that we do not have access to or store your login credentials and we take every precaution to keep your information safe and secure, including using secured databases, encrypting information and ongoing security audits.

For security purposes, occasionally the third-party platform used to share this information with us will “unlink” your shared account(s). To continue sharing your account(s), you will need to link them again.

If you ever change your mind and want to stop sharing your accounts, here are instructions for how to do so. 

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