Application Eligibility Statuses

These are the statuses that you would see on your dashboard, and what each of them mean.


Your application was successfully submitted.

Pre-Analytics Review

Your application is pending review. 

Analytics Review

Your application is being reviewed. 

Analytics Flagged

Your application has been flagged. This could be due to multiple applications being submitted for the same fund, duplicate addresses or other issues. 

Pre-Support Review

Your application has been marked as eligible for support review.

Support Review

Your application is being reviewed.

Support Flagged

Support has flagged your application for further review. This could be for missing, inadequate or illegible documents, as well as discrepancies between documents and application information. 

Important Note: You may be asked to provide additional acceptable proof of verification. Make sure all documents are legible and clear when re-sending.


Your application was reviewed, and has been marked eligible to pay.   


Your application was approved for payment.


You have been successfully paid.

Important Note: A status indicating “paid” does not necessarily mean your funds have reached your bank account. Review the link “Status says "Paid," But Haven’t Gotten Funds” for further details.


Your application was denied by the analytics app or support. 

For updates on an already submitted application, please log in to your dashboard using the same log in method you used when you applied, such as your phone number or email.

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