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What does the Application Status mean?

A submitted application will show a series of status updates as it moves through the application process. You will see these status updates in the "Applications" section of your "Account Settings". Please note that a status won't change until an application reaches a new stage in the process.

Below is a list of the application statuses you may see, in the order you would see them, and what each status means.

Submitted: Your application was successfully submitted and is now in the system. During this period your applications will go through a two-step review process, and may be Approved, Denied, or Flagged for further review. This is often the longest part of the process and can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the fund.

Denied: An application can be denied by our automated analytics system, as well as by a support agent. This happens when an application is missing necessary documentation, or if an applicant is otherwise ineligible according to specific requirements set by a fund.

Approved: The application was approved, and you will be receiving payment.

Payment in Process: Your payment has been approved and is currently being processed.

Paid: You have been successfully paid. Your payment will be in your Direct Deposit account, on a Physical Prepaid Card, or on a Virtual Card, depending on what you chose when you first applied.

Payment Failed: Payment has been approved, but there has been a problem in processing the payment. This is often due to an error in the checking account or bank routing numbers, which can be updated in the "Financial Section".

Waitlist: A fund will sometimes distribute all the money it has available but anticipates adding more funding for distribution in the future. In this case, applications will be kept on a waitlist for possible processing at a later date.

Forfeited: If an approved application is flagged as Restricted or shows a Failed Payment and is not resolved for an extended period of time, any scheduled payment will be Forfeited and returned to the funding organization.

Unfortunately, we can't give an estimate of when an application may move from one part of the process to another. For updates on a submitted application, please access the Applications section in your UpTogether Settings. For more information, please contact an UpTogether Support Specialist.

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