Using Invitation Codes

How do I apply for a COVID-19 Relief Fund with an Invitation Code?

There are two methods to apply; one is with an Invitation Code (explained below), and the other is through Open Enrollment, when you do not have an Invitation Code

Some individuals will be given a unique Invitation Code number by organizations they are associated with. Upon log in, you will be asked to enter your unique code and some basic information. You will also need to enter your banking information.  

This short video tutorial walks you through the application process.


Important Note: Each fund has varying eligibility requirements, and therefore may require different types of documentation to be provided. The video is for explanatory purposes, and may differ slightly from the process for your fund.  

For updates on an already submitted application, please log in to your dashboard using the same log in method you used when you applied, such as your phone number or email.

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