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What’s the difference between an Invitation Code and Login Token?

Invitation Code: Some individuals will be given a unique Invitation Code by an organization they are associated with. This Invitation Code is eight characters long, and may include numbers and letters. This token is considered “used” after an application is successfully submitted. Starting, but not finishing the application does not use the Invitation Code. 

Login Token: If you sign up with email or SMS (text message), you will be sent a magic link that serves as your password. This link is embedded with a unique Login Token. The link has a 60-minute expiration period. This means that if you do not click on the link within one hour, the link will expire and will no longer be valid. 

Below is an image of a magic link sent via SMS.


If you clicked on the link above one hour after it was sent, you would get the below message. 


In this case, this does not mean that your code was used. It simply means that the token expired, or that you already clicked on it to log in. If you get the above message, just send yourself another magic link to your email or SMS (text message). You can send yourself as many magic links as you like. 

Important Note: Magic links serve as your password. 

For updates on an already submitted application, please log in to your dashboard using the same log in method you used when you applied, such as your phone number or email.

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