Frequently Asked Questions

Trouble Viewing an UpTogether Web Page

We regularly update our site to make sure you have the best and easiest experience. If you experience any issues while on our platform, there are a few steps that you can try to resolve the issues you are experiencing.

1. Try clearing your browser's cache & cookies

2. Try viewing UpTogether using Google Chrome as the web browser. You can learn more about Google Chrome and download it here.    

3. Try updating your operating system software for your Windows device or Mac device.

In most cases, one or all of these steps may resolve the issue you are experiencing. If you are still experiencing an issue within the UpTogether platform, please contact the Support Team.


Please note that the Support Team can offer limited support for technical issues relating to operating system updates and non UpTogether troubleshooting. Please contact the relevant customer service department for your device. 

For updates on a submitted application, please access the Applications section in your UpTogether Settings. For more information, please contact an UpTogether Support Specialist.


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