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Issues with Login Token

If you sent yourself a magic link to your email or mobile phone and after clicking on it, get the below message, it simply means that the link has expired. If you have an Invitation Code, this does not mean that the invite code is not valid. This is only referring to the Login Token which is included in the magic link quested. 

Important Note:

  1. Log In Tokens are embedded in the Magic Links
  2. Magic Links sent to emails or text messages can only be clicked on once. 
  3. Magic Links expire within 60 minutes of being requested. 


To get a new link, simply request a new one. You can request as many links as you like. Click here to request a new login token via email or text message. 

Important Note: Keep in mind that each link has a lifespan of one hour.

For updates on a submitted application, please access the Applications section in your UpTogether Settings. For more information, please contact an UpTogether Support Specialist.


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