Why is My Application Status Paid, but I haven't received my approved funds?

Applicants who have an application status of "Paid" but have yet to receive their approved funds may be experiencing one of two common issues. 

  1. Account Restricted: This means that our payment processor was unable to verify your identity and you need to provide additional identification information. Here is the process on how to check if your account was marked restricted and how to go about providing your identity information. 
  2. Payment Failed: This means that the bank account information provided by the applicant during the application process, was incorrect, therefore, payment failed. Currently, there is no way to provide new bank account details. This feature is being worked on by our engineers and will become available soon. 
    • All applicants with failed payments will receive an email or text message with instructions on how to update your bank account details. Notification with instructions will be sent once the update feature has been launched.
    • If you have a failed payment, you will not lose access to already approved funds. 

For updates on an already submitted application, please log in to your dashboard using the same log in method you used when you applied, such as your phone number or email.

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