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UpTogether Virtual Card FAQs

Please note: Protecting the funds on the Prepaid Card is your responsibility. UpTogether cannot replace any money spent while a physical or virtual card is lost or stolen. Unauthorized charges will have to be disputed directly with the vendor.

Getting a card

Who is eligible to receive a virtual UpTogether card?

Right now, anyone who is approved for Offers through the UpTogether platform is eligible to receive a card. 

Do I need to enter a SSN or ITIN to get a card?

No, you do not need a social security number or ITIN to get an UpTogether Virtual card

How long does it take to receive my UpTogether virtual card?

You will receive your UpTogether Virtual card immediately after your request is approved.

How will I receive my UpTogether Virtual card? 

The information for your card will be added to your UpTogether Financials section.

What if I don’t receive my UpTogether Virtual card information?

If your fund request has been approved and you don’t see the UpTogether Virtual card details in the Financials section, contact our support team. 

Activating a card

How do I activate my UpTogether virtual card?

You don’t have to take any additional steps to activate your Virtual card. You can begin using it right away.

Using a card

Where can I use the card?

You can use your UpTogether Virtual card anywhere credit cards are accepted. You can use it to do everything from pay bills online to buy items at a grocery store. 

To use the virtual card at a physical store, you’ll need to add it to your Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay wallet app on your cell phone. It works online or at physical store location where Visa credit cards are accepted. 

How do I track the balance on my card?

Balances are shown in the Payout Methods in your Account Settings. Click here to learn more about checking your account balance.

Can I add more funds to my UpTogether Virtual card?

At this time, you cannot add external funds to your UpTogether Virtual card. However, please keep your UpTogether Virtual Card information as you may be eligible for future offers which can be added to your UpTogether Virtual Card if it is your Preferred Payment Method.

Can I use my UpTogether Virtual Card for a new UpTogether offer?

If you have received funds in the past that were added to your UpTogether Virtual Card and you are eligible for a new offer, funds from the new UpTogether Offer can be added to your current UpTogether Virtual Card (please ensure that your UpTogether Virtual card is selected as your Preferred Payment Method.) If you no longer have your UpTogether Virtual Card, you can request a new card which has a replacement fee of $0.10

What fees are charged?

You will not be charged any fees for using your card. If you lose your card and order a new one, you may be charged a nominal card creation fee of $0.10.

Can UpTogether see what I purchase when I use the card?

Yes, just like any other debit or credit card you use, your transactions are recorded and, in the future, will be available for you to review in UpTogether. We will not be able to see exactly what you purchased, only how much you spent and where. 

For example: We’ll see Amazon - $45 as the transaction, but we won’t be able to see what you bought. 

Does this card work for online purchases?

Yes. You can use this card online. 

Will I be charged every time I make a purchase?

No, this card works exactly like any other credit card. There is no transaction fee charged to you.

How much does this card cost?

There is no cost for using the virtual UpTogether card.

Does this card work internationally/outside the U.S.?

Yes, you can use this card outside of the United States. Foreign transaction fees may apply.

Are there foreign transaction fees?

A fee of 1% + 30¢ is charged for transactions made outside the United States. If the transaction requires currency conversion, an additional 1% fee will apply.

What if the phone with my card information is stolen? 

If you no longer have access to your phone which contains your UpTogether virtual card information, you can request a new card from your UpTogether Settings.

How do I transfer my virtual card funds?

For assistance in transferring funds from your virtual card to other payout methods, please contact UpTogether Support  

Can I transfer funds from my virtual card to a physical card or to my bank account?

You are currently able to transfer funds from your UpTogether virtual card to your UpTogether physical card. Transferring funds from your UpTogether virtual card to your bank account is not available at this time.

Can I connect my virtual card to my cashapp account?

We do not currently endorse mobile payment services and recommend that you reach out to the company's customer support team to learn more about linking your virtual card. 

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