Help! How can I change or update my Direct Deposit (banking) information?

Entered your banking information wrong? Or need to enter in a new account? No problem! Updating your information in your dashboard is now easier than ever.

Step 1) First, log into your dashboard using the same log in method you used when you applied. Important Note: Using a different method will not log you into the account associated with your application.

Step 2) Then, click on “Payment Methods” or the "$" symbol on the left-hand side of your screen.



To update your Direct Deposit information, click “edit” and enter in the new or updated information.

Make sure to confirm that the information about you is accurate. Then update your direct deposit information. Before clicking on save, confirm that everything on this page is accurate. If accurate, click on save.


Then, simply click “save.” A pop-up will appear showing your information has been updated. Click “ok.” 

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