How do I complete a survey?

Step by Step Instructions for completing Surveys

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Surveys (if surveys are available, they will look like the image below.) Smart_Surveys_3D2.png
  3.  Please select all that apply and submit (Please be sure to click submit for each question in the survey).Survey_Qs_1_3D.png
  4.  Please provide more information about your involvement in your local community and programs.Survey_Qs2_3D2.png
  5. Please provide information about your household finances.Survey_Qs3_Finances_3D.png
  6. Please provide information about your housing.Survey_Qs4_Housing_3D.png
  7. Please provide information about your community involvement.CmtyInvmt_3D.png
  8. Please provide information about the support you give and receive in your community.CmtySuppt_3D2.png
  9. Thank you for completing the Survey!SurveyComplete_3D.png
  10. Surveys are all caught up!
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