Why link your financial accounts to UpTogether?

There are two primary benefits to using UpTogether’s Financials feature:

  1. It makes you eligible for continued cash investments as they become available.
  2. It makes you a partner in the effort to prove to philanthropy and government that they should invest directly in you and your community - and communities like yours across the country.

Your information will be secure and any information we share with researchers or other stakeholders will be aggregated and will not identify you individually.

In short, using UpTogether’s Financials application and linking your bank accounts is easy, safe, and beneficial for all. Through your participation, we are able to strengthen our financial data and encourage government agencies and philanthropy to trust and invest in you.

Please link all your bank accounts (assets/liabilities, credit/debit, savings/checking, financial) today. 

Didn’t I do this already? 

If you have received COVID-19 relief funds through UpTogether before via direct deposit, you need to relink your financial accounts to be eligible for additional cash offers in the future.

If you were an UpTogether (FII) member before March 2020 and already linked your accounts, you do not have to do this again.

If you have any questions, please refer to UpTogether’s Support Center by clicking here. 


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