Notification sent to UpTogether Members of Jefferson and Lincoln Counties (Oregon)

Email Subject: My UpTogether Membership Payment Update

Reference ID: 

Hi {first name}, 

As you all know, the new UpTogether Member experience is now live. Want to learn more about why this new experience? Click here to read the email announcement. 

You may be wondering, 

“How does this impact my membership with UpTogether and am I going to continue getting payments for the duration of my 12-month membership?”

Simply Put: 

Although the UpTogether Experience has changed and some of the responsibilities you had before are no longer able to be fulfilled as initially agreed (such as monthly journals), you will continue to get your payments so long you have joined and are active in the new UpTogether

To request any funds due to you, you must submit an application using this invitation code {enter invite code here}. With this invite code, you will be redeeming $140. If you are due more than $140, a deposit for the remaining balance due to you will be processed within 30 business days

Who do I contact if I have any questions? 

Please contact UpTogether Support if you have any questions. Simply click here and then click on contact support. 

We understand that you have a pre=existing relationship with Paul Haeder, however, the support team will be the ones to provide you with the most up to date information regarding any payments or technical issues you may need support with. 

Click here to view other questions you may have about this new change. 

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