How to Apply for the Oregon Funds

This information is relevant for: Applicants that live in Portland Oregon

Step 1) Visit the UpTogether application page:

Step 2) Select signin method: 

  • Email yourself a magic link
  • Text yourself a magic link - Using this method in this example
  • Sign in using Google
  • Sign in using Facebook.

Step 3) Click on the magic link sent. 

  • This link is only valid for a one time use (can only be clicked on once)
  • This link expires 60 minutes after you request it 

Step 4) Apply Now 

  • You are now logged in and can click on “Apply Now”

Step 5) Invite Code 

  • Enter your invite code and click next. 

Step 6) Identification 

  • Enter your first and last name & your date of birth and click on next

Step 7) Address

  • Enter your home address. Make sure to include any apartment number and click on next

Step 7.1) Address

  • You can edit your address if you made a mistake  

Step 8) Select Payment Method

  • Click here to learn about Direct Deposit to Bank Account
  • Click here to learn about Physical Pre-Paid Card
  • Click here to learn about Virtual Pre-Paid Card

Step 8.1) Selected Virtual Pre-Paid Card for this fund

  • The selected option turns green.

Step 9) Confirm Before Submission

  • To prevent any delays, it is recommended that you review your application by going to the previous pages and confirming that everything is accurate. 
  • Once you are certain that everything is accurate, click on “Submit”
  • Once you submit your application, you will get a text or email confirmation with your application reference ID number. Keep this number when contacting UpTogether Support
  • Once your application has been approved the funds will be in your account within 3 business days. 

Step 10) Accessing Your Dashboard for Updates

Now that you have submitted your application, you can always check the status of your application by logging into your dashboard. Click here to learn how to do that.

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