Groups Explained

How do I invite members to join my group?

You can invite people to join your UpTogether group via email or text message sent directly from the UpTogether platform.  

  1. On the UpTogether Home Page, locate your group under the Groups section.
  2. Click the ”invite” link at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Choose whether you want to send an invite via email or an invite via text message.
  4. Add either the phone number or email address for the people that you wish to invite to the group.
  5. Read the prefilled message and hit send!

Note: Groups are limited to 8 members so you can truly bond and build stronger relationships. The small size also makes it easier for you to coordinate online and offline group check-ins.

Any group member can invite people until the group reaches 8 members. Chat with each other about who you want to invite so your group is formed collaboratively. Also consider inviting people who may not feel included.

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