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How do I invite members to join my group?

There are two easy ways to grow your UpTogether group! You can quickly invite others by sending an invitation by text message or by email.

Learn how to invite others to your group by following these steps:

1. Click on the menu icon on the top left corner of the UpTogether Home Page, then click on "Groups". You can also click on the Groups section directly on the UpTogether Home Page

2. Locate the group that you want to invite others to join and click on "View Group"

3. Click on the "Members" section to view the current members of the group and to reveal the invitation page. 


4. Click on "Invite"


5. Choose whether you want to send an invite via text message or an invite via email.


6. Add either the phone number or email address for the people that you wish to invite to the group.

Read the prefilled message and click on "Send".


7. Repeat the process to invite others!




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