Who is selected to receive funds?

Once the application process is open on September 14, 2020, anyone who believes they are eligible may apply. After the application window closes on September 21st, the applications will be screened for eligibility. Eligible applications will be selected at random for final review and approval starting September 28th. The randomized process means that everyone has an equal opportunity to apply and potentially be selected no matter when they apply.

For those that applied through El Buen, you will be notified by them if you are approved and you will be told when to pick up your Pre-paid card from their office. 

For those that applied through the Uptogether site, funds will be distributed shortly after approval, but will be dependent on the payment method chosen for disbursement at time of submitting application. THE PAYMENT METHOD CANNOT BE CHANGED ONCE AN APPLICATION HAS BEEN SUBMITTED.

  • Direct Deposit: Funds can take up to a week in some cases to show up in a checking account.
  • Virtual Pre-Paid Card: Those who select a virtual card will receive the card and information immediately upon approval. This card can be used for any online or phone transactions.
  • Physical Pre-Paid Card: Those who select a physical card will have it mailed to the address on their application. Note: Once the card is received, it must be activated. Also, FII/UpTogether support teams have no way of providing balance details. It is recommended to keep track of spending on the card.
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