Using Groups

How do I receive help with a personal goal or a family need?

A benefit of being in an UpTogether group is having access to other members who may have the resources and knowledge to help you with achieving a personal goal. 

If you are interested in receiving support or help from a group member, you can do so by:

1. Locate the group that you wish to receive help from. Click on the group name. 


2. Scroll down to the 'Support Each Other' section. Click on the 'Ask' tab and then click on the green 'Add' button. 


3. Select how your group can help you by clicking on the purple button labeled 'Caregiving' to change the support category. Enter the details of how your group can support you. Then click on 'Save' to share your request. 



4. You will receive a confirmation notice and members in your group will be notified that an ask has been made.





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