Groups Explained

How do I create a group?

Creating a group is easy and fun to do! Follow these steps to start your UpTogether community.

Navigate to

2. Click on the menu icon and then click on "Groups". You can also click on the Groups section on the homepage.


3. Click on "CREATE A GROUP" and review more information about groups. Once you're ready, click on "START YOUR GROUP"


4. Enter a name for your group in the "Group name" field. In the "Group purpose" field, share the purpose and goal of your group so other members know what the group is all about. Click on "Next"


5. Click on the "Check-in Schedule" dropdown to share how often the group will meet. Let members know what the group agreements and rules are by adding them to the "Group Agreements" field. Click on "Next"


6. Add a cover image or color for your group then Click "Create"


7. Congratulations! Your Group is ready to go and can be viewed by clicking on "Visit Group". Now you're ready to invite family and friends to your group. Click here to learn how to invite members to join your group. 




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