How do I share a goal?

Want to share your goals with your group? Follow these steps to learn how to create and share a goal in UpTogether:

1. Click on the menu icon on the top left corner of the UpTogether Home Page, then click on "Groups". You can also click on the Groups section directly on the UpTogether Home Page


2. Locate the group that you want to view and click on "View Group"


3.  Click on "Goal Sharing" 


4. Click on "+Goal" to make your first Goal post


5. Click on "+Label" to add up to 4 categories that best represent your goal and click on "OK".

Add the title for your goal so members can easily know what you are working towards, then share your goal and ways that your group can support your goal. Click "Post" to share it with the group. Your group will be notified of your Goal and will be able to reply to your post.


If you need to edit or delete your post, click on the "..." menu.


Want to add a new goal? Click on "+Goal Sharing" to share more goals with your group!


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