UpTogether Physical Card Member Agreement

Please note: Protecting the funds on the Prepaid Card is your responsibility. UpTogether cannot replace any money spent while a physical or virtual card is lost or stolen. Unauthorized charges will have to be disputed directly with the vendor.

The UpTogether physical Prepaid card is one of three options you will be offered when you apply for COVID-19 relief funds or set up your Personal Fund Account on your UpTogether member page.

If you selected the Prepaid Card and your application is paid, the card will be delivered to the mailing address you provide on your application. You will receive information on the website to visit to activate your card.

The Prepaid Card is issued by Visa and can be used anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. This includes at physical locations and online. It can be used to purchase items, pay bills, and otherwise be used like any other credit card.

However, it is important to note that the UpTogether Physical Card is not a credit card or a debit card. It works more as a gift card, and because of this the card has some limitations.

The card does not come with an option for a PIN (personal information number). As a result, the card:

  • cannot be used to withdraw money at ATMs
  • cannot be used for cash-back at the register
  • cannot be used for money transfers. Money on your Physical Card cannot be moved to a bank account or another card, and money cannot be added to your card.

The Prepaid Card does not include a contact phone number and does not include an option for checking your current balance. You can check your balance on the Payout Methods tab of your profile, but due to delays in information received from vendors and banks this may not always be the most current balance. We recommend you keep track of any purchases to maintain the most current balance. 

Please note: Physical cards will expire three years after issuance and any unused funds will be forfeited. Funds cannot be transferred to another payout method and unspent funds are not recoverable.

While making purchases with your card, vendors may put a temporary authorization hold on the card for an amount larger than your purchase. This may impact the amount of money you have available at any given time. Authorization holds are made by the vendors and UpTogether has no control over the amount or length of the hold.

Again, if the card is lost or stolen, protecting the funds on the Prepaid Card is your responsibility. Please cancel the card immediately and request a new card, which will come with any remaining balance. UpTogether cannot replace any money spent while the card is lost or stolen, and unauthorized charges will have to be disputed directly with the vendor.



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