My Shared Financial Accounts

Why should I share my bank accounts in UpTogether?

One of the goals of UpTogether is to shatter stereotypes about people with low incomes and how they spend their money. Some people believe when you invest money in people who earn low incomes that they’ll spend the money on “frivolous” things and make “bad” choices. When you share your bank and other accounts to UpTogether’s Financials section, you help provide data that proves the stereotypes wrong.

UpTogether uses that data to raise money to invest in more families across the country and as evidence to policymakers about why they should invest in low-income communities. Sharing your financials also makes you eligible for more cash investments from UpTogether in the future. 

Your individual data is never shared with advertisers or other for-profit companies looking to sell or make money off of your information.

We may share your financial data with academic institutions, researchers, or our funding partners, but your data will be combined with that of other UpTogether members and they will not receive any information that identifies you. 

Sharing your bank accounts in UpTogether’s Financials section is safe, private, and easy.


Note: As a reminder, by sharing your financial account(s) you are giving UpTogether access to the following information related to account transactions:

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Location (for specific offline transactions)
  • Merchant name
  • Category (travel, shop, deposit, withdrawal, etc.)

You are also giving UpTogether access to the following information related to each shared account: 

  • Available balance

  • Current balance

  • Account type (savings, checking, loan, etc)

For security purposes, occasionally the third-party platform used to share this information with us will “unlink” your shared account(s). To continue sharing your account(s), you will need to link them again.

If you ever change your mind and want to stop sharing your accounts, here are instructions for how to do so

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