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What do I need to know about selecting Direct Deposit as my payment method?

Direct Deposit is one of three options you will be offered when you apply for COVID-19 relief funds or set up your Personal Fund Account on your UpTogether member page. Also known as ACH (automated clearing house), Direct Deposit is perhaps the most flexible option available.

Please note that when submitting a relief fund application, only one payment option can be selected. The payment option cannot be changed later. Be sure the payment method you choose, including Direct Deposit, is the best option for your needs.

If you selected Direct Deposit and your application is Paid, the funds will generally be available in 2 to 3 business days. It is possible it will take longer depending on any delays in the transfer.

To set up Direct Deposit, you will need a:

If any of the above information is incorrect, there is the risk the payment will fail. You will need to be update the information on your dashboard before the transfer can be attempted again. The transfer will be automatic.

Once the transfer is successfully completed, the deposited money can be used just like any other funds in your bank account.

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