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Why do I see a webpage saying an application page doesn’t exist?

If you are redirected to a page with the message, “Oops! You tried to access a website that doesn’t exist” (seen below), it can mean you’ve been sent to the wrong page, or the fund is no longer accepting applications.




If the fund is still accepting applications:

  • Manually enter the full, correct URL in the address bar of your browser. (For example:


This should take you to the correct webpage for submitting an application.


If a fund is no longer accepting applications:

  • This page is also what you’ll see if the deadline for application submissions has already passed for a particular fund.
  • When new applications are no longer being accepted, this page won’t change, even if the address is entered manually.

For updates on an application that has already been submitted, log in to your dashboard using either the phone number or email address you gave when you first applied.

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