Can I check the balance on my Prepaid Card?

Unfortunately, you cannot check the balance on the Physical Prepaid Card or the Virtual Card.

Both cards work like a gift card, and don't include a contact phone number or other option for checking your current balance. You can check your balance on the Payment Methods tab of your dashboard, but due to delays in information received from vendors and banks this may not always be the most current balance.



We recommend you keep track of any purchases to maintain the most current balance.

If the card is lost or stolen, protecting the funds on a Prepaid Card is your responsibility. Please cancel the card immediately and request a new card, which will come with any remaining balance. UpTogether cannot replace any money spent while the card is lost or stolen, and unauthorized charges will have to be disputed directly with the vendor.

If you still need a current balance, you can submit a request or contact an agent on the Help chat line, and you will be provided with screenshots of your transactions.

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