I received a second payment — how do I access it?

To access additional payments, log into your Financials page. Please note: You must log in with the same email address or phone number you used when you first applied.



On the My UpTogether Accounts tab, click on the balance for your Personal Fund Account.



This will take you to a listing of any money available in your account, as well as any account activity. Click the purple box saying "Make a Withdrawal."


Use the drop-down menu to choose the account where you want the money to be transferred.

If you do not have an account ready, or if you want to add a different payment method, click on the Update Payment Methods link just below the drop-down menu. There you will be able to add a Physical Prepaid Card, a Virtual Card, or a bank account for Direct Deposit.


After you have selected an account to receive the withdrawal, enter the amount you want to withdraw from your Personal Fund Account. This can be any amount you wish, up to the balance in your account. Type in your reason for the withdrawal, and click Next.


This will take you to the Withdrawal Confirmation page. Here you can confirm the details of your withdrawal before completing the transfer.


If the information is correct, click Confirm.



You will see a second Withdrawal Confirmation page showing the transfer process has started. It will also give an estimated time for when the transfer will be complete, and a Confirmation Code.


Click on the View Your UpTogether Fund button to return to your Personal Fund Account page.

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