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How do I add a Payout Method and select my Primary Payout Method?

Payments from UpTogether will be made directly to your preferred payout method. We only process payments to your account and not from it. 

To ensure you receive all future UpTogether funds, all you have to do is update your preferred Payout Method by taking the steps below. It takes just a few minutes.

Begin by clicking on the menu icon on the top left corner of the UpTogether Home Page, then click on "Settings" then click on "Payout Methods"



1. Click on "+Add Payout Method"


2. Decide which payout method you prefer, and which will be your primary payout method. UpTogether offers the following Payout Methods options:

  • Bank Account (Direct Deposit)
  • UpTogether Debit Card (Physical or Virtual) Note: Physical cards typically take about 10 business days to arrive at the address you enter.  Read more about the physical UpTogether card here. Read more about the virtual UpTogether cards here

Click "Yes" to continue setting up your primary Payout Method.


3. Click on the method that you would like to add as a Payout Method.


4. On the next few pages, add or confirm:

  • Your name (this is how your name will appear on your card)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your billing address (will be used for your purchases)

Follow the prompts to Save & Continue and Confirm your Payout Method.


If you have selected Direct Deposit, enter the following in addition to your personal information:

  • Bank's name
  • Primary Account Holder's Name
  • Bank Account Number (re-enter to confirm)
  • Bank Routing Number (re-enter to confirm)

Follow the prompts to Save & Continue and Confirm your Payout Method.




1. Navigate to your Payout Methods and locate the method where you would like to receive your UpTogether funds.

2. Click on "..." to view more options

3. Click on "Make Primary Method" to make the account your primary payout method





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