How do I remain eligible for my UpTogether cash offer?

Each cash offer is a commitment between the UpTogether partner providing the funds and the member who accepted the offer. As such, these commitments sometimes require action from the member in order to keep the commitment active. Failure to complete the appropriate actions may lead to delayed or interrupted payments.  

Here are a few examples of what may be required of an UpTogether Member in order to remain eligible to participate in an offer:   

  • Shared Account: You must have one or more shared bank account(s) with UpTogether.
  • Survey Completion: You must respond to survey questions as they become available.
  • Personal Information: You must keep your personal information, as set in the profile section of your UpTogether profile, updated. 
  • Address: You must have a primary address, as set in the profile section of your UpTogether profile, that matches the geographic criteria of the offer. 

If you experience an interruption in payment from UpTogether, please refer back to your cash offer commitment agreement to see what may be required of you. You may also reach out to the Support Team with any questions. 

To learn more about offers, click here.

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