My Shared Financial Accounts

How do I reconnect my shared account(s)?

If you received an email from UpTogether confirming that you have stopped sharing your financial account(s) and you did not unlink the account yourself, you can easily reconnect your account(s) in the financial section of your UpTogether profile. Accounts are occasionally unliked because the third-party platform used to share your accounts with UpTogether unlinks accounts for security reasons that keeps your information safe. 

If you want to resume sharing your information, follow the steps below to do so:

1. Navigate to You can also click on the menu icon from the  UpTogether homepage and then click on "Financials". 

2. Scroll down until you reach the "Account" section.

3. Your unlinked account(s) will display an alert icon and a red notice that reads "Update Account". Click on 'Update Account" 


3. You will be redirected to Plaid where you can safely and securely enter your banking information. Click 'Continue". 


4. If your bank is not listed in the options available, search for your bank, by name, in the search box. 


5. Enter your banking credentials here. Start with your username and password and click on "Submit."



6. You may need to verify your identity. If so, you’ll receive a text message from your bank, and you will need to enter the code when prompted.

mceclip0.png            mceclip1.png

7. Plaid will begin to verify the code that you have entered. Once it has been successfully verified, your bank account information will be available to you on the screen.


Your account has been successfully shared with UpTogether and you can manage it in the Financials section at any time.

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