How to Assist Individuals and Families Apply for Funds

We recognize that some UpTogether applicants and members may have trouble accessing the platform and applying for funds. We understand that our partners may be assisting these individuals through the verification process or when using our platform. While we encourage this collaboration whenever necessary, we also wanted to note a few points to keep in mind when helping individuals and families through these processes.

  • Partners should never use their own email addresses or phone numbers when helping individuals create an UpTogether account or apply for funds. This can create issues related to security and can affect a member’s ability to access their funds.
    • When members sign up using an email address that is not theirs, this also affects their ability to access the UpTogether site and utilize the platform to share resources, and build social capital. For more information on how members can utilize UpTogether groups to make connections within their communities, click here.
    • If applicants do not have the technology to sign up for an UpTogether account (i.e. phone number, email address), we encourage partners to assist members in creating an email address that they can use to access their accounts. An applicant should keep track of their own password so that they will be able to access their account on their own if needed.
  • If issues arise regarding an verification form or a member’s account, UpTogether Support will need to talk directly with the individual who is affected and not the partner who may have helped them apply. While a partner may assist a member or applicant in reaching out to UpTogether Support if needed, we will still need to connect with a member personally and get their permission before making any changes to their account or verification form.
  • While partners and members can contact Support if there is a technical issue with an verification form page or portal, we cannot assist members from the Support Center with submitting an verification form or give directions on what they should submit based on their unique situation.
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