Why a Code May Not Be Working

One option that partners have when working with UpTogether to create a fund is to set up a ‘code fund’. Instead of a traditional fund, where applicants can apply via a URL, code funds allow the partners to disperse funds to individuals and families in the area that they connect with in order to control who has access to a fund and subsequent payments.


If a code is not working for an applicant, please note some of the potential issues below:

  • A code has always been used: The codes used in a code fund can only be used once. Partners should keep track of who they have dispersed each code to. For more information regarding tracking your code funds, click here.
  • A code has a typo: Sometimes, applicants may have just mistyped a character within the code. If this issue arises, please work with applicants directly to ensure that they are putting in the correct code on the site.
  • An applicant is accessing the code on an incorrect site: Codes can only be entered successfully on the URL that corresponds to that fund. When you receive a list of codes from an UpTogether representative, you will also receive a corresponding URL that applicants will use to exchange those codes.


If you are having any problems with codes that you have dispersed, please reach out to the UpTogether staff member who you received those codes from or UpTogether Support. However, in order to protect our members' privacy, we cannot disclose to partners who used any specific code.


Below are other links you may find useful for additional information:

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