How Can I Keep Track of My Codes?

This article offers suggestions on how partners might keep track of ‘code fund’ codes provided to them by an UpTogether staff member.

Once partners receive their codes, they are responsible for keeping track of who has received them and whether they have been utilized. In order to protect our members' privacy, we cannot disclose to partners who used any specific code.

We recommend a system through an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet where you can easily keep track of each code and who it was dispersed to. You can see an example of one of those sheets below.


If you have any further questions about the codes you have received, please reach out to the UpTogether staff member who you had received the codes from. For any problems members may have accessing the system or utilizing their codes, please refer to this article or reach out to UpTogether Support.

Below are other links you may find useful for additional information:

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