Financials Explained

Why do we ask you to share your financial data with us?

We recognize it's a really big "ask" that requires trust and protection. The reason we make the request is because one of our goals at UpTogether is that together, we can shatter stereotypes, unfairly formed about how people with limited income spend their money. When you share your transaction-level information with us, you provide valuable data that helps prove when we invest in families, like yours, the money is not wasted on "bad" choices, but instead spent on things that improve quality of life for families and enhance the community.  We do not share your individual data with advertisers or other for-profit companies looking to make money off of your information. We also protect any identifiable information to make sure you remain anonymous. 

Please note: Sharing your financial data in the UpTogether Financials page is not the same as providing account information to receive payments via direct deposit. Click here to learn more about selecting direct deposit as your payment method. Click here to review UpTogether's Financial Information Access Agreement.

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