UpTogether: Financial Information Access Agreement

Updated February 2, 2022 


I understand that UpTogether is asking for access to my financial information to help disprove negative stereotypes about how people with limited incomes spend their money, to fundraise to invest in more UpTogether members and to demonstrate to philanthropy and government what can happen when they trust and invest in people in financially under-resourced communities. 

I am aware that sharing my account(s) with UpTogether gives UpTogether access to the following information related to account transactions:

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Location (for specific offline transactions)
  • Merchant name
  • Category (travel, shop, deposit, withdrawal, etc.)

It also gives UpTogether access to the following information related to each shared account: 

  • Available balance
  • Current balance
  • Account type (savings, checking, loan, etc)

UpTogether will never share my information with advertisers or other for-profit companies. UpTogether may share my financial data with academic institutions, researchers, or its funding partners, but my data will be combined with that of other UpTogether members and they will not receive any information that identifies me.

Click here to learn more about why we ask you to share your financial data with us.


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