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How do I request documentation of my UpTogether investments?

If you have received a request to provide documentation from UpTogether regarding your UpTogether investments (payments), please contact the UpTogether Support Team to request an 'UpTogether Grant Letter'.  

The UpTogether Support Team will provide you with an official notification that shares:

  • Your name
  • Amount received
  • Fund name
  • Future payment amounts (if applicable)
  • Future payment frequency (if applicable)  

UpTogether Grant Letters are sent by email to the member who requested the letter within two business days.

As a reminder, investments received through UpTogether are considered grants and not income.

Please note: In order to keep our members' information secure and confidential, the UpTogether Support Team is only able to provide these letters directly to the UpTogether member who made the request. 

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