Using Groups

How do I make a Contribution to my group?

Sharing a resource or offering support are both great ways to contribute as a member in your group.

Here are the steps to make a contribution:

1. Click on the menu icon on the top left corner of the UpTogether Home Page, then click on "Groups". You can also click on the Groups section directly on the UpTogether Home Page

2. Locate your group and click on "View Group"

3. Click on "Contributions" to view the current contribution posts in the group. To share a new contribution, click on "+Create Contribution"

4. Select the label(s) that best describes your contribution then add a title and more information about what you are contributing. Click "OK". You can also add a photo to your post or share a link to a website that provides details about your post.

5. Click on "Post" to share your contribution. 


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