Using Groups

How do I make a connection in my group?

UpTogether members can used the Connections feature to build community and network within groups. Connections can be made through the creation of new connection posts and through conversations on connection posts. 

To create your first Connection post in your group:

1. Click on the menu icon on the top left corner of the UpTogether Home Page, then click on "Groups". You can also click on the Groups section directly on the UpTogether Home Page

2. Locate the group that you want to contribute to and click on "View Group"

3. Click on "See all connections" followed by "+Connection"

4. Add a message for your group members and click "Post"


To make another connection, click on "+Connections" 


To make a Connection by starting or joining a conversation:

1. Click on "See all Connections" to view the connection posts in your group

2. Click on a Connection and share your thoughts to start or join the conversation

3. Click on the send icon mceclip4.png to share with your group


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