My UpTogether Accounts

How do I pair my UpTogether account using my email as my log in?

To link your accounts

Step 1. Click on the menu in the top left corner then click on "Financials". You can also scroll down and click on "Financials" on the UpTogether home page.

Step 2. Scroll down to view your "Commitments" and "Offers". If something is missing, click on the 'more information icon mceclip3.png to reveal more details and click on "Pair Accounts". You may also see a notice at the top of the Financials page. You can click on "Click here" in the notice to pair your accounts. 



Step 3.

If you access your second UpTogether profile using an email address, click on "+Add New Email" and enter your email address and click "Send"

mceclip0.png mceclip3.png

Step 4.

Click on "Pair Accounts" to connect the existing UpTogether accounts. A code will be sent by email. mceclip2.png

Step 5.

Enter the code that was sent to you by email and click "Verify Code"


Step 6. 

Your verified account is now paired with the account that you are logged in to. You can return to your Financials or Switch to your alternate UpTogether account.


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