Accessing UpTogether

What is a Magic Link and why do I receive one when I sign in to my UpTogether account?

When using your email address or mobile number to sign into your UpTogether account, a "Magic Link" is sent to you to complete your sign in request. UpTogether uses magic links to provide a simple way for you to verify your account with the convenience of not having to type out a password. Magic links are also helpful in preventing cyber hackers from being able to access your account. 

How magic links work:

  1. You enter your email address or mobile number when signing in to
  2. You will receive an email or a text message with a magic link.
  3. Open the on the message sent to your email or mobile number and click on the magic link to complete the sign in process.

Useful Tips:

  • Magic links are valid for 60 minutes and can only be accessed during that time.
  • We recommend enabling a two-step verification process for your email account. This adds an additional layer of protection to your account. 
  • Do not share your magic link with others.
  • If you have requested a magic link by email and have not received it within 10 minutes, please check your email spam folder as sometimes important magic links are marked as spam by email providers. 



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