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How do I request a new virtual card?

If you no longer have access to your phone which contains your UpTogether virtual card information, you can request a new card from your UpTogether Settings.

Important Note: There is a $.10 (10 Cents) fee for virtual replacement fee cards.  

  1. Log in at 

  2. From the homepage, click on the menu icon and select "Settings" followed by "Payout Methods".

  3. Locate the virtual card and click on "..." to reveal the card options.

  4. Click on "Request Replacement".

  5. Select the reason for replacement and confirm or add/edit the address where the new card will be mailed to. There is a $.10 replacement fee for virtual cards. Click on the "Request Card" button to complete the card replacement request.

  6. Once your request is approved, you will have immediate access to your new virtual card which can be found in your Financials section. 

Please note: Protecting the funds on the Prepaid Card is your responsibility. UpTogether cannot replace any money spent while a physical or virtual card is lost or stolen. Unauthorized charges will have to be disputed directly with the vendor.

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