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How do I Create a Group?
How do I Create a Group?

In this article, we cover how to create a group in the new UpTogether Connect site. It’s easy and fun to do if you follow these quick steps.

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Step 1.

Starting from the “Groups” page, click on “Create a Group.”

Step 2.

Enter the group’s Name and give a brief Description in the required fields. Then click on “Create Group and Continue.”

Step 3.

On the group’s settings page, choose the group’s privacy settings and member access to determine who else can invite members, post messages, and more. Click on “Next Step” to continue.

Step 4.

Upload a photo that represents the group.

Step 5.

Add a wide cover photo to customize the header of your group and click “Finish” to create your group. To skip the cover photo upload process, select “Finish” to bypass it and create your group.

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