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How do I find a group I joined before?
How do I find a group I joined before?
Updated over a week ago

With the growth and expansion of the UpTogether Connect, our developers worked tirelessly to offer a new and improved Community experience. Several groups created prior to July 1, 2022, were deleted in the effort to enhance the overall site.

While UpTogether will not migrate existing groups from the early UpTogether and FII platform experiences, members, like you, can easily re-create your groups in the new UpTogether Connect site to allow for a more interactive, enjoyable connection with other members.

We encourage you to search for existing groups and if you don’t see the group that you want to engage with on the new UpTogether Connect, we challenge you to create it, and thrive in it with new features and social connectedness.

To learn how to recreate older groups and create new groups, click here.

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