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What is the UpTogether Connect Survey Experience?
What is the UpTogether Connect Survey Experience?
Updated over a week ago

UpTogether Connect is our new name for the secure platform, you already use, which gives you access to your Financials, Groups, Settings and now an upgraded Surveys experience.

Your previous Surveys layout will change to our new UpTogether Connect Surveys experience with new features that make it easier for you and thousands of UpTogether members across the country. With the new Surveys layout, you can:

  • View any surveys available to you

  • Read the estimated time it takes to complete your survey

  • See any completion dates and deadlines for surveys available to you

  • Choose which surveys you wish to answer

  • Access a list of surveys you have already completed

  • Receive notifications of newly available surveys, and much more!

You will access this Surveys experience from the Surveys menu option in your UpTogether Connect account or by visiting

All Surveys offers are optional and do not affect your ability to participate or enroll in any UpTogether Funds. If a survey opportunity offers an additonal cash compensation as a thank you for your time and input, it will be clearly labeled so you can choose whether or not to start the survey.

Note: UpTogether will not transfer any of your previous surveys over to this new layout. This replaces the previous bank of survey questions that you answered at your own pace.

  • We encourage you to log in to your UpTogether Connect account regularly to see any new survey opportunities as they become available.

Should you have any questions, please visit our UpTogether Support Center, where you can start a chat, send an email, or call.

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