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How do I complete a survey on UpTogether?
How do I complete a survey on UpTogether?
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By completing surveys, you’re helping us learn by sharing information that we can use to not only raise additional funds to invest in UpTogether members, but to also begin changing the narrative to fight harmful stereotypes and policies that are making it more difficult for families in undervalued communities to move up, together.

Surveys are short and only take a few minutes to complete.

To complete your available surveys, follow these steps:

2. Click on the menu icon and then click on "Surveys". You can also click on the Surveys section on the homepage.

3. You may be asked questions about your household finances, your community involvement and current housing situation. Please enter your answer or select all that apply and submit. Please be sure to click submit for each question in the survey.

4. Once you have completed all of the survey questions, you will receive a confirmation that all of the available surveys were answered.



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