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Why UpTogether uses surveys to learn from you
Why UpTogether uses surveys to learn from you
Updated over a week ago

Surveys are a simple way UpTogether and our members work together to help transform policies and shift stereotypes about people living with limited incomes.

Your collective answers to survey questions allow us to learn from you, shine a light on your experiences and provide data to show that with the combination of cash investments and a supportive community, people with limited incomes can, and do, lift themselves out of poverty. UpTogether uses your survey responses to influence philanthropy and policymakers to trust and invest directly in families and individuals. It also helps us raise funds to invest in more households across the country.

Sometimes, other organizations and researchers partner with us to learn more about our members and their lived experiences. More information about the work we do with policymakers, researchers and other nonprofits can be found here.

We appreciate the time you spend completing surveys that will help advance our shared mission to recognize, highlight and invest in the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of people in undervalued communities.

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