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Why did I get a survey?
Updated over a week ago

We know this is a difficult time for many of us right now — financially, emotionally, and even physically — so we’re checking in to see how you are doing. We’re also interested in learning how you used the money you received. That’s valuable information that will help us raise more money so we can invest in additional families, like yours, during this pandemic and beyond.

In addition to helping us invest in more people, your survey responses will help us learn how cash transfers can help families and their communities recover from a crisis. This is a historic time and we want to make sure we learn as much as we can now so we’re better prepared for the future.

If you received funds, you should receive an email or a text message with a survey link unique to you. Thank you in advance for completing the survey. We appreciate your partnership and wish you all the best.

If you no longer wish to receive communications from UpTogether, you can unsubscribe or opt-out from these messages anytime.

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